Ellen Chisa writes about startups and software development. She has been published in First Round Review, Stratechery, and Business Insider. Ellen previously wrote a book on Product Management, including essays she wrote over five years. To stay up to date with her most recent articles you can follow her on Twitter @ellenchisa, or take a look at the casual notes.

Product Management Book

Ellen's book on Product Management is available for purchase here. The book includes thirty seven essays organized into seven sections (with an example from each section):

  1. What is Product Management? (Evolution of the Product Manager).
  2. How do I become a Product Manager? (Want to be a PM? Do a project).
  3. How do I learn as a Product Manager? (How to Learn in Product).
  4. How do I work on a team as a Product Manager? ( PM: The Person, Situation, and Style).
  5. What skills should I build as a Product Manager? (Do I need to be technical to be a Product Manager?).
  6. How can I be a more inclusive Product Manager? (Minimum Bar Diversity).
  7. How do I become (and grow as) a Product Leader? (An Alternate Framework for PM: Empathizing and Systemizing).

Selected Past Writing