Conversations & Email Experiment

The email experiment has been great. I don't miss Twitter at all. I've gotten in the habit of spending my day doing what I want before having a short period of time to do email before dinner. Batching my email makes it take only 15 minutes/day because I don't see and ponder the same email more than once. I think I'll try to keep this going as much as possible after August.

Less emails and Twitter also means less pressure to schedule meetings. I'm limiting it to conversations that'll be interesting: a place of quality being more important than quantity.

I'm not sure if this is related, but my RHR has dropped by ~5bpm on average this week, without any other changes. I'm also finally at an average HRV of 100ms.


I read a lot this week. By not having external input in the morning, I create two entire chunks of reading time (daytime and before bed). This could be another reason for the heart rate changes.

My favorite book of the week was Free Food for Millionaires by Min Jin Lee. I love the detail of the day to day, and also the development of the characters over years. North of Normal (Cea Sunrise Person) if you were a fan of Educated, though I think the end skips over too much. The Last Book Party (Karen Dukess) if you like both the genre of "summers on fancy island" and books. I finished out Edge (Laura Huang), which left me continuing to muddle through my feelings on discrimination and bias. I also finally finished How to Live: Or a Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Answers (Sarah Blakewell) after it sat on my to-read list for nearly ten years, originally recommended by a member of the life goals club.

I also spent a good chunk of time scrolling through all the books I owned on my Kindle, re-downloading some that had spoken to me before. I re-read Sweetbitter (Stephanie Danler), Furiously Happy (Jenny Lawson), Autobiography of a Face (Lucy Grealy), Truth and Beauty (Ann Patchett), and Hunger (Roxane Gay).


Lots of easy cooking this week, and pretty much no effort baking. Mostly fish and vegetables. Salmon, twice (once in a pan, one sous vide). Classic Shrimp Scampi. Green Curry with lots of vegetables and tofu. Fried rice.


It's my half birthday today! Ordered the famed Milkbar cake for my Mom's birthday (two weeks early). Took my grandmother to the zoo. Yet more pinochele. Introduced Tom to The Great Mouse Detective. Did a two hour chat/Q&A with the wonderful fellows of HackNY. Watched some Sugar Rush and Zumbo's Just Desserts. Read the Glossier case and listened to the associated podcast.