I had a lighter week. I'm working on figuring out how to balance "spending the right amount of time reflecting and understanding to get the most value out of what I've done so far" with "finding the next thing and planning next steps."


This week I had a retrospective with the coach that I'd worked with over the past three years on what we might have done differently. It prompted a lot of good reflections on what coaching is and isn't. I first learned about coaching from the Coaching Fellowship in 2014, and since then I've enjoyed hearing Diana and Jess reflect on their journeys into coaching. I went to this event on Byron Katie's work with Stefi, and last January I took this class on applying coaching within a management setting. I'm interested in the role of coaching within my work, and being better at being coached, but have never felt called to identify myself as a coach.

The conversation helped reinforce how important it is to share what you're hoping for out of any relationship, and reflect on that as time goes on.

Thank Yous

I also had a few chats with friends who are in earlier stages of their startups, particularly around hiring. Early on in Dark, I devoted a lot of time to hiring. A ton of that was emailing everyone I knew to catch up and see if they knew someone who might have been a fit.

At the time I hoped "someday I'll be able to send one long thank you to everyone about everyone who helped along the way!" A big realization is that the only thank you happens at the time (and hopefully it feels authentic, not transactional). So many people help along the way that it's near impossible to come back to everyone after. Thanks everyone.


Had a great week for cooking. Last Saturday we foraged a Chicken of The Woods mushroom and then fried it. For Sunday dinner (a family tradition) my aunt made Rack of Lamb Genghis Kahn and I made potatoes (you really need russet potatoes for Hasselback, Yukon gold tried to burn), homegrown eggplant, and a peach cobbler. Monday, Tom made flank steak, and Tuesday for lunch I made the french onion grilled cheese. The rest of the week we did: shrimp, tofu, fish tacos, and scallops. I've been sharing food photos on Instagram.


I read six books this week, including an early manuscript that isn't out yet, but really enjoyed. More on that when I'm able. Amongst the others I really enjoyed The Lightness by Emily Temple and Big Friendship (which everyone is reading!) by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. For very some classic beach reading, The Royal We, The Heir Affair, and 28 Summers. Speaking of beach reading, I don't get it. I firmly believe the best place to read is in bed. Not on a couch, not in a coffee shop, not on a beach. In bed, under the duvet. I've been reading less on the internet, but enjoyed this piece on opinionated vs. flexible software.


NEW TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! Have now been to five different grocery stores (Kroger, Busch's, Papa Joe's, Fresh Thyme, H-Mart). Got lots of good news from former Dark people. Dropped by an eerily empty mall to try to get Tom's laptop fixed, and the Apple store was by far the most popular destination. Phones still break during pandemics, it turns out. Have six half written blog posts.