I'm a partner at Boldstart. If you're working on something within developer tooling, Enterprise, or SaaS, I'll explore that route with you. Nothing is too early for us to talk about (even if you haven't started a company yet!) but it can definitely be too late.

At Boldstart, I led the seed round and sit on the board of Stellate, a GraphQL cache, analytics service, and far more.

I was also able to lead the seed round in Liveblocks. If you see live cursors on this page, those are built using liveblocks! If you don't see them, chances are this number is 1, meaning only you are here:

I also am on the board of several unannounced companies. You also can see other companies we've invested in at Boldstart.

Angel Investing

If you're looking to get into angel investing, I'd love to chat! I hold office hours or you can email me.

If you're looking for me to angel invest, please keep in mind that I do not write angel checks for companies that would fall within the Boldstart thesis. There are some devtools in the list below from before I joined Boldstart.

Process-wise, if I think it might be a fit I ask to schedule a 30 minute phone call and then will get back to you the day after we talk (occasionally the day after that).

Angel Portfolio

Advisory & Community Work

I'm an active advisor to the Startups and Society Initiative.

I've also made personal grants through