Hello! I’m Ellen.

I like building experiences and interfaces. I share notes on what I'm thinking about now.

TL;DR, I'm hanging out at Boldstart and eventually there will be a new startup.

Before this, I started Dark, a programming language coupled to its editor and infra. I was the first person at Lola, where we combined the best of technology and people for travel planning. I worked on Kickstarter, and on the first versions of Office Mobile for non-Windows platforms.

I advise and invest small checks in startups. I invest in companies where I'm excited about the founders, want to learn something about the space, and see a way for me to add value. I'm also a founder in residence at Boldstart and support Oliners through parcelb.vc.

I write, speak, and read lots of books. I also like (and can talk at length about) crossword puzzles, cooking, baking, cocktails, and embroidery. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram or email me. If you want to have a longer chat, I'm available to talk about some specific topics on Merit.