Hello! I'm Ellen. TL;DR I'm a partner at Boldstart where I invest in developer tooling, and occasionally other enterprise or SaaS products.

I like to write and currently send a weekly-ish Substack. I speak on the same topics. Outside of devtools, I angel invest with small checks and support Oliners through parcelb.vc.

Before this, I started Dark, a backend programming language integrated with its editor and infra. My career before that was mostly in Product. I was the first person at Lola, where we combined the best of technology and people for travel planning. I also worked on Kickstarter and Office Mobile.

For fun, I like to read. Some of the things I'm recently read:

I also like (and can talk at length about) triathlons, Peloton, crossword puzzles, cooking, baking, and cocktails. You can find me on Twitter or email me.

All photos on this site are by Lindsay Hite.