hi! I'm Ellen and I'm a Partner at boldstart ventures where I invest in enterprise software companies.1

My big question is "how do we get to a world where everyone can make software?"

Historically I've been skeptical that low code is the answer. I am open minded about a future in which AI allows us to describe full applications.

Three parts of the solution could be:

Many people have tried to crack these, but we haven't seen the fundamental shift in how we build. I spent a lot of time on the first while building Dark.

Some of the other spaces I spend time thinking about are APIs, multiplayer collaboration, local first software, personal knowledge management, developer productivity, and shortening the loop between dev and prod. I share thoughts on these and other parts of how to build a startup on Substack and LinkedIn.

I love talking to people about their early ideas, especially when they can articulate a clear pain that they want to address. You can email me at my first name at boldstart.vc.

1 An enterprise company is one where in the long run you will sell big contracts to big companies.